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Target group

Vocabulary Activities
Free activities
Year 3 - 6 and ESOL

Learning Vocabulary fun
The Fun Way to Build Vocabulary Skills!
Test Preparation & Vocabulary Building Made Fun
Year 3 - 6 and ESOL

Online Dictionary
Has audio

Building Vocabulary
Games to build vocabulary

BBC Word Master
Three skill levels to choose from
Senior Primary to Intermediate and ESOL

I Know That
Fun interactive Games
Y0 to Y4

Free Rice
A vocabulary testing game, that enables the player to donate free rice.
Senior Primary to Adult

SuperKids Vocabulary Builders
Games and activities to enhance vocabulary skills
Primary and ESOL

Sharetabs - Phonics
A list of phonics games websites, compiled by me.
Primary and ESOL

Vocabulary Instruction
Links to a range of word building sites, activities and games.
Primary and Middle school