Target group

How do I identify the Main Idea?
Teacher PD. You need username and password to ARB knowledge banks for assessments.

Main Idea Tutorial
Student's independent activity, or suitable for small group instruction with Smartboard.
Year 5 - 6

Main Idea Quiz
Online quiz with variety of stories. Could be good for evidence in ePortfolio.
Year 3 - 6

Main Idea Worksheet
Printable worksheet
Year 5 - 6

Main idea lesson
Good for use with IWB or data projector. Whole class or small group. Teacher led instruction.
Year 3 - 6

Identify the Main Idea
Online quiz. Good for independent computer activity.
Year 5 - 6

Finding the Main Idea
Links to Powerpoint Lessons
Year 3 - 6
Main Idea
Background information for teachers. Includes lesson ideas and activities, like main idea mobile.
Year 3 - 5

Quia - Find the Main Idea
Good for small group guided lesson or independent activity. Online comprehension test with 40 questions.
Year 5 - 7

Finding the Main idea video
Angela Maiers (USA) models mini-lesson.
Teachers and Students